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LIKE was invented and patented to overcome the rising cost of power rate increases by electric companies!

LIKE is an economic method to convert your existing fixtures on your building, around your building, in your underground parking garage, or in your parking lot to bright daylight light LED’s. It is an economic alternative to changing the “Head” to LED’s in your parking lot fixtures. About ½ price the cost.

LIKE has been field tested and the whole complete line is UL listed. ( 1-8 bulb LIKES)

LIKE can save your business a whole bunch of money when you retrofit to LIKE LED lighting.

Our Barryview Building ( see www.barryviewbuilding.com) saved 800.00 a month in the electric bill by converting (9) 250 metal Halite lights in the parking lots to LIKE.

LIKE is guaranteed for 5 years. If a driver fails we will send you another one for Free.

LIKE is made in the USA, in Kansas City, MO

LIKE will build you a FREE SAMPLE! All we need is you to call in the dimensions of the inside of the lighting fixture you want to be retrofitted. Wall pack lights, building lighting fixtures, ground oriented lights, parking lot lighting fixtures can all be retrofitted to LEDs with our fabulous product. We will ship you a freebie!

LIKE will save businesses lots of money in a year by eliminating the expensive service calls to replace light bulbs. $$$.


Old Light

HD wall mounted pack light

Led Light Kit

7 lb LIKE insert kit

Return on Investment (ROI) is estimated to be 5-7 months from energy savings with parts and labor to install. This is a very quick return on investment.

Order today! Just remember to send us your inside dimensions of your light fixture by email or phone. Give us 10 days to manufacture and ship your LIKE. NO light fixture is too small or too big!

email: ledinsert1@gmail.com or call 816-569- 3357. Our Order Board is manned M-F 9 am to 5pm. You will get a real person on the phone and not voice mail if you call during these hours..

It is our company policy that you will be completely satisfied with the results of your retrofit, or after a 30 day trial you can return the LIKE kits and we will refund your money to you……


David and Peggy Cox Owners

Darrel Shackelford Owner